South Africa

My buddy Jeb told me about Table Mountain in South Africa a while back and we started planning a trip to go there and make some flights. HBO called Jeb and they wanted to do a story about him and the flights we were making in SA. Jeb had made the first wing-suit flight from TM and nearly died so this would be an interesting trip. We felt confident that our new high performance suits would make it no problem but you never know, this is BASE.  So we made the long journey (two eleven hour flights back to back) and settled into our apartment in Cape Town. Cape Town is a beautiful city and once we announced we were going, several friends decided to join us. We also had good friends that were locals so we were going to have a really good time. The HBO guys were super cool and we were making our way through the interviews etc. The first jumps we made were great. All the fear of a new site and Jeb’s last episode was gone and we were crushing massive flights and making some close proxy flights on the ledges below. On our last day of filming we were getting pretty out there. We had been pushing pretty hard and were feeling good about the jumps.

We had set up balloons on a lower ledge of the mountain with five cameras to record the action from different angles. Our friends from CT were filming us from the ledge as well. My flight was one of the best I ever had and I was stoked till I landed. I had a bad landing and hurt my ankle and knee. Nothing serious but I done jumping for sure.  I looked up to watch for Jeb and Jeff. I heard a loud noise like a shotgun firing and saw Jeb flying then he pitched and he smashed into the mountain. I could not believe it. I watched Jeff fly away to avoid the collision and I realized Jeb had gotten too close and hit the ledge. I grabbed my equipment and started running up the mountain. I was thousands of feet away at the bottom of the mountain. I grabbed my radio as it was going off. It was our friends that were watching us jump from the top. “what happened” Iiro said? He is dead I think but call for helicopter anyway. I was in a trans trying to climb up to the road above me. It was over 100 degrees and I was so far away, I felt helpless. I knew if Jeb was dying up there I would never make it him anyway. A police truck pulled up to me and asked if I was one of the people jumping. I jumped in the truck and showed them where Jeb had landed. I could see his parachute draped on the rocks above. Finally Iiro called me on the radio. “Jeb is alive”!! I could not believe it but I was thrilled to hear that news. The helicopter arrived within minutes and rescuers were lowered onto the mountain. It took two hours to get Jeb evacuated to the parking lot below. I was waiting by the ambulance and road with Jeb to the hospital. I figured Jeb would have massive injuries but in the end it was a miracle. He broke one leg, his ACL, and had big gash in his right leg. Incredible. It was an incredible day and we caught it all on video. As incredible as it sounds, Jeb and I are already planning to go back to jump in Africa again next year.

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